Mind Chronicles

Real people. Personal stories.
Shared experiences.

Opening up can be a challenge. But it’s a key part of keeping your mind healthy. When we talk candidly about our struggles and breakthroughs, we embrace who we are—and we encourage others to do the same.

@mind.chronicles is a space for these stories, curated by Oliva. We’d love to hear yours.

Share your mental health story and earn €/£10

Useful info for submitting a story

What does my story need to get accepted?

To get approved, your story needs the following things:

  • Two photos in the same format as the posts already published on @mind.chronicles.
  • The background of your pictures should be natural and authentic (outside in the street, in a bar, at home, etc).
  • A caption in English with a story about a personal struggle with mental health (150-300 words).
  • We celebrate diversity of all types: stories from people of different ages (+18), sexual orientations, and ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged.
How do I get my Amazon voucher?

We'll review each submission within 5 days. If they meet the guidelines above, we'll approve your story and send the Amazon voucher to your email address, along with a confirmation of your donation to Therapy Dogs Nationwide. If there's something missing from your submission, we'll let you know what we need via email.

When will I see my story on Mind Chronicles?

Depending on how many submissions we’ve received, we might take a little while to post your story on Instagram.

Feel free to contact us at mindchronicles@oliva.house if you have any questions or comments.