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Lawrence Craig
Head of Service Operations at Learnerbly

Oliva's service has been brilliant. From their easy setup/onboarding to their amazing sessions, I have gotten so much out of the service over a short period of time.

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Maria Zenagui Glaili
Customer Success Manager at Happy Scribe

Oliva offers a very needed service, and does it properly: The privacy is kept, the therapists are lovely, and you are allowed to work on yourself at your own pace. I've recommended having at least one catch up sessions to all my colleagues, and they've all really enjoyed their experience.

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Jeremy Slater
COO @ Bob W

We have just partnered with Oliva to provide proper mental healthcare for all Bob W. employees. Oliva's platform includes:

- On-demand therapy

- Live chat with trained professionals

- Huddles (sessions on a broad range of topics)

- Podcasts

- Manager support

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Rita Wittek
Head of People at Homerun

I am really really excited and proud to announce what I believe may be our most meaningful and impactful employee benefit yet. 🙏🏻

Homerun is doing workplace mental health properly.

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Christophe Pasquier
CEO @Slite

3 months after implementing Oliva at Slite, I will recommend it in a webinar I’m preparing: It already was of great help to a few of our teammates and managers, in such a short amount of time!

Unlocking free, open access to metal health care to your employee is a̶ ̶t̶e̶r̶r̶i̶f̶i̶c̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶k̶ a must.

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Kassia Chatting
Social Media Manager at Learnerbly

✨ Just when I think my workplace Learnerbly can’t get any better, it does. Today our People Team announced that we’re introducing Oliva: proper mental healthcare for everyone 💛

Sign me up now! 😁

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Melissa Malec
Content Editor at Learnerbly

The news this morning that Learnerbly would be offering Oliva to everyone of its people made me immensely proud to work here.

Therapy can seem out of reach for people but now I and others can access it easily, safely and privately.

It’s more than just helping us be our best selves at work, it’s an investment in people’s health and happiness whether they’re logged in or not.

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Chiara Klatich
Operations Specialist at Happy Scribe

"User friendly care & tech"

I love how easy it is to simply login, be matched with a therapist, and start doing sessions. How it integrates with Slack and Google Calendar makes the whole experience of starting therapy seamless and smooth. I don't have to worry about anything else!I'm also quite thankful that my company decided to offer this service, which can be quite hard to afford for some people. My Oliva therapist has helped me get through some rough patches, which I'm not sure I could have managed so well without therapy.

Thanks to Oliva, companies can no longer have excuses to not offer mental health support to their employees.

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We truly believe that our people are the most vital part of Belvo. That’s why taking care of each person’s wellbeing with a comprehensive mental healthcare solution was a simple decision for us.

Thanks to Oliva for making it possible 💪 #mentalhealth #wellness

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Nataliia Senatorova
Senior Product Manager @ HiPeople

Great employee care initiative, much needed for many organisations, that genuinely care for their employee's wellbeing!

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Luke Harris
Partnerships Manager at Learnerbly

Excited and grateful that we launched Oliva internally here at Learnerbly today 🙏🏻!

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Content Curator at Learnerbly

If money had not been an issue, continuing the work with my therapist would have been a no brainer.

Today Learnerbly has partnered with Oliva to bring unlimited therapy to all of us whilst taking care of its cost.

And 💙 I’m 💙 so proud

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Alan Carrie
Software Engineer at Sping

The platform works very well, from sign up through to the online sessions its seamless. This is particularly important in the sessions as it keeps the focus on the conversation. The sessions I've had have proven very cathartic and I would encourage others to try it!

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Rebekah Isbacke
A great service for employees to help them with their mental health and wellbeing. Oliva Health even offers special resources for management and the challenges that come with it. I highly recommend it for any company that wants to invest in it's employees and their well-being.
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Julia Orozco
Marketing and Communications Manager at Belvo

Oliva is a great platform to provide support, guidance and emotional stability to all employees of a company. It has helped me to be more empathetic and manage work stress in a healthy and kind way. They have a very capable and empathetic team, which makes everything easier.

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Ed Evans
Head of Sales & Partnerships at Learnerbly

From today, everyobe at Learnerbly has free access to proper mental healthcare courtesy of Oliva - proud that we’re taking this stuff seriously and putting employee well-being first.

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Gabriela Cardona
Customer Success Marketing Manager at Kenjo

Besides offering private sessions, Oliva also creates huddles as group sessions to talk about relevant topics related to the workplace - such as how to improve communication, avoid burnout, and deal with anxiety or the impostor syndrome, among others. You can learn from your therapist, but also from your peers. The tool is also very intuitive and has a great design. Though it may seem trivial, the colors and images help to the overall feeling of safety, calmness, tenderness, and support that should come with dealing with mental health.

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Liis Toomsalu
Professional help and super easy to use!
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Flying Cat Marketing

Today's a big day at Flying Cat. All employees are now able to access proper mental healthcare through our friends at Oliva.

We believe in acknowledging the value of those we work with.

Thanks to Oliva, we can deliver a service to our team that really lines up with our collective beliefs.

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Alan Carrie
Software Engineer at Spring

"Seamless tech for online therapy"

The tech works well making the online sessions seamless and keeping the focus on the therapy itself. I haven't found it difficult or awkward to speak to the therapist on video. The conversations I've had have proven very cathartic and I would encourage others to try it.

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Homerun's not-so-secret ingredient is simple: our team.

The entire Homerun team now has access to free proper mental healthcare thanks to our friends at Oliva.

We believe this to be our most meaningful and impactful employee benefit yet. Not just because it makes therapy easily accessible to our team, but also because it removes the stigma attached to mental health. This is why we thought it was important to share! Oliva states it well: “Wellbeing is not a perk, It’s a must.”

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Keysa Yánez
People Operations Manager at Slite
This is the best perk you can give your team if you really care about them and their mental health. Not only is it a great resource for all your team, but it also comes in handy for managers and anyone facing a career transition. It's totally worth the investment and your team will greatly appreciate it.
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Sara Negre Silvente
Super happy with Oliva. They make therapy accessible to all of our team members and that's great!
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Marie Krebs
People Experience Design Lead at Learnerbly

You know what, it IS really more than a perk. Oliva's slick and smooth UX made me feel right a home. How they pair you up with a specific type of therapist based on your needs deffo makes a difference - it can be such a blocker to have to figure out the type of help you need. Thank you for helping me find the right therapist to be a more balanced, fulfilled version of myself.

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Blake Hodgson
Design Manager at Maze

Extremely professional service, clean and user friendly interface and the psychologists are fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone in need of assistance.

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✨ We believe in helping people find the intersection between what they love and what they’re good at. In order to do that, all of us need to work in an environment where we feel empowered to express our authentic selves.

Partnering up with Oliva is a big step forward in making sure all Learnerbly employees can do that 😀

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Senior Director of People @Maze

This might be the most exciting benefit I've ever had the privilege to introduce. 🤗 Oliva 🤗

No caps, no insurance red tape - just unfiltered access to proper mental health care 💙

#mentalhealthcare #employeebenefits #companyculture

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Slite has no office, cafeteria, or even a country we call home. Our company is 100% one thing: people. So it’s both our responsibility and our privilege to support their wellbeing in the most comprehensive way we can. Thanks to Oliva for making it happen.

#wellbeing #mentalhealth

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Eduardo Santos

Great Mental Health service provider

I am trying to sort out all personal issues related to marriage and parenthood. I have a therapist that has been amazing in taking me through exploring my topics with no judgment while keeping an open and safe environment. There is nothing much to dislike, to be honest. They are flexible, understanding, and have a good portfolio of professionals to suit all types of people´s needs. The way Oliva tries to fit our company-specific needs. When they did not have the type of session we wanted, they created one specifically for our company with no extra cost.

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Heather Begley
Oliva Health is an instrumental tool to have while working in a global, fully-remote company. Not only do they provide Mental Health Support sessions to take care of our personal mental health, but they also offer services to help managers like myself support teammates and direct reports when and if we come across a situation where we're unsure of how to respond (and keep it confidential). What's comforting about using Oliva is, it is a Slack-Add on, so you never have to feel guilty about scheduling services since it's a paid service provided by your company. Highly recommend Oliva for companies that want to prioritize mental health for their team members.
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Maeva Cifuentes
🔥 CEO @ Flying Cat Marketing

From yesterday, everyone in the core team at Flying Cat Marketing has free access to proper mental healthcare courtesy of Oliva. Really proud to offer this to our team.

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Maria Zenagui Glaili
Customer Success Manager at Happy Scribe

“Oliva is a must!”

Oliva offers a very needed service and does it properly: The privacy is kept, the therapists are lovely, and you are allowed to work on yourself at your own pace.

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Chiara Klatich
Operations Specialist at Happy Scribe
Oliva offers an outstanding product, giving companies a way to easily provide a very much needed mental health support service to their employees. I've been using it for months now, and I can say I'm very happy both with the support I'm receiving, and all the additional activities the platform offers. Highly recommended!