Matching process

How we match you with an Oliva therapist


10-min questionnaire

We ask a few questions to get a snapshot of your objectives.


Matching session

An Oliva therapist gets to know you via video call. You book a time for your first therapy session.


Matching report

We'll send you a report with your therapist match within 72 hours of your matching session.

You share a bit about yourself

The matching questionnaire gives us an idea of why you’re interested in therapy before you meet us. This helps both you and us make the most of your matching session.

We'll ask you about...
  • How you've been feeling lately
  • Your goals with therapy
  • Times you're normally available

One of our trained therapists gets to know you better

Led by a highly-qualified expert

Your matching session will be with one of our therapists. Oliva therapists work closely as a team, so they’re perfectly positioned to know who’s right for you.

Meet them
A relaxed, one-hour conversation

An hour is a meaningful amount of time for you to think—and for us to understand. We’ll guide the session, so no need to worry about preparing anything.

Meet them
Your therapist, your preferences

Already have some ideas about the kind of therapist you’d feel comfortable with? This is your chance to let us know.

Meet them

You book your first therapy session, we find a match

At the end of your matching session, we'll get your first therapy session scheduled.

Then within 72 hours, we'll send you a matching report with a profile of your therapist match and a summary of what we've learned about you so far. We'll also send this to your new therapist.

Matching report

  • What we’ve learned so far
  • Therapist recommendation + profile
  • Insights on why they're a good fit

Our match guarantee

After two sessions with your new therapist, we’ll check in to see how it’s going. If you feel like it’s not working out, we’ll match you with a different therapist and give you two more sessions at no extra cost.