Proper mental health support for employees

On-demand therapy, coaching & mental fitness classes.
Make a company-wide impact you can be proud of.

Proper mental healthcare for employees and managers. Zero-fuss digital platform.

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Oliva Health is a leader in Mental Health on G2

Most of us struggle from time to time, and this affects our work

Portrait photo of black woman with glasses

I get anxious talking to my manager

For some of us, this can turn into a rough few weeks

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I haven’t slept well in ages

...or even a rough few months

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I feel like giving up

Oliva gets your people the level of support they need—at the right time, from the right Oliva professional

Crafted care journeys for each employee

Traditional medical insurance refers employees to any available professional for a few sessions and hopes for the best.

Oliva provides tailored support to each individual, exactly when they need it.

Learn about the Oliva Care Model
crafted care journeys for each employee
crafted care journeys for each employee
crafted care journeys for each employee

A safe space to tackle tough topics together

Employees can work on their wellbeing with others in Huddles: group sessions led by Oliva professionals.

Request private Huddles—just for you and your team—on the most pressing topics for your company.

…or anonymously with an Oliva professional

We’ll match struggling employees with a coach or therapist that’s right for them.

They can attend sessions, message their professional via chat, and review their progress—all without anyone even knowing they're using Oliva. Not even HR.

Chat UI from Oliva's mental health platform

We speak your people's language

1-to-1 support is available in multiple languages, so your employees can speak to someone they’re fully comfortable with.

See what’s keeping your company up at night

Get an anonymous & aggregated snapshot of your organisation’s mental health each month.

Follow-up with private Huddles to tackle specific problem areas.

snapshot of your organisation's mental health each month

Join other companies creating cultures to shout about

Less pricey than your average wellbeing perk...



Health insurance

Coffee & snacks

Learning & development budget

Coworking budget

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...and way more impactful


of employees in therapy say they’re making progress towards their goals


of employees get matched with the right therapist first time


average annual EAP engagement in just 3 months

What employees are saying

“It's just so easy to access helpful professionals, sessions, and resources. I couldn’t imagine not using it”.

"It was my first therapy session ever and my therapist was super nice. I felt really comfortable opening up to her."

“This platform saved me.”

"The sessions always leave me feeling very energised and optimistic. I love being given a plan—it helps me see the progress I'm making."

“The most essential help when I needed it most.”

See what it means to employees

Modern companies don’t have to think twice about prioritising mental health

Request a demoModern companies don’t have to think twice about prioritising mental health