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Real stories of when work & wellbeing collide

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“I lost both my parents before I was 25. They’d be proud of what I’m doing now.”

How do LGBTQ+ people navigate ‘coming out’ at work?

“My sister’s death changed how I see my company.”

"I used to think burnout was bullshit. Then my CEO took me to hospital for anxiety."

“I can’t fix my OCD. My success has come from accepting that.”

“I spent my life supporting my kids and colleagues—while neglecting myself”

company culture

Make your company one people talk about

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Can HR create culture by creating leaders?

How can we support our teammates who observe Ramadan?

How do you stop toxicity from contaminating your culture?

How can HR people make the most of 'The Great Resignation'?

“My period wrecked my mental health every month. So I started talking about it at work.”

What does it really mean for a company to care about its people?


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