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Leading by example—for better and for worse

feat. Jonathan Widawski, Co-founder & CEO at Maze

In this episode...

The Co-founder and CEO of Maze explains how to conquer fears about putting yourself out into the world by building the right support network. And failing. A lot. 

He also talks about how Maze encourages its remote team to meet up and over-share to prevent loneliness at the company, and why it’s super important that he sets a good example on work-life balance—even when leading a high-growth startup makes this really hard.

You’ll also hear how Jonathan realised his previous startup would have to wind down after a devastating call with investors—and how this experience informs how he deals with founder anxiety. It’s a conversation about making sure you aren’t defined by what you do.

About the guest

Jonathan co-founded Maze in 2018 to help digital product teams power up their user research process. He’s an expert in UX design, having led UX teams, taught code & design at IIM Digital School, and founded two UX-focused startups. Jonathan believes in empowering people to make their own decisions about how, where, and when they work to achieve the best possible results.

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