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Living with a long-term illness—and truly enabling flexible work

feat. Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-founder & CEO of Flexa Careers

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When Molly first asked about working one day a week at home—to cope with a flare-up of her debilitating auto-immune disease—she was instantly sacked.

From that day, Molly’s been on a journey discovering what flexible working truly means when you don’t have a choice. After working in companies that seemed flexible before asking for photographic proof of hospital visits, she co-founded Flexa to live and work on her own terms—and help others do the same.

Learn the difference between ‘allowing’ and ‘enabling’ flexible working, how companies can do flexibility properly, and how Molly manages the physical and mental challenges of a long-term health condition alongside life & work.

About the guest

Molly Johnson-Jones is CEO & Co-founder of Flexa Careers.

She previously worked in investment banking, before her search for companies that would accommodate her need for flexible working gave her the idea for Flexa: a job site exclusively for companies and candidates who believe in truly flexible working.

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