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The impact of opening up about periods at work

feat. Lia Boyland, Co-founder of Talent Shake

In this episode...

Lia didn’t have a conventional upbringing. In Ireland, she spent her childhood in a close knit community with the freedom to learn and grow through home-education. After discovering the world of entrepreneurship by chance, she moved between startups and scaleups, honing her craft as a people-centric leader. It felt right.

But the path wasn’t easy. When she lost her mother, it made things clear—she needed to look after herself for the sake of her own daughter. Ever since, she’s prioritised showing her authentic self at work. One way she does this is by speaking openly about menstruation with those around her—at home and at work.

You’ll also hear how Lia approaches the challenges of motherhood, and how a tragic experience with a friend helped her keep her life on track.

Heads up for listeners: this episode features brief discussion of a tragedy involving drugs.

About the guest

Lia Boyland is Co-founder of Talent Shake, a startup helping companies streamline their HR workflows using AI. After studying law, Lia has dedicated the last decade to building people-centred teams where employees can thrive. She loves nothing better than swimming in the sea in the rain.

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