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Supporting employees with complex life events

feat. Maite Otero, Chief of Staff at Superlist

In this episode...

For our 50th episode, things are getting meta. Our podcast host, Maite Otero, is on the other side of the mic to share her experience of balancing work with a complex family situation.

For Maite, grief wasn’t a linear process. Having suffered a debilitating stroke in her late 50s, her mum spent years moving from hospital to hospital before she passed away. Maite took on caring responsibilities to do the right thing for her family—at the same time as holding down a job.

This meant some pretty big decisions for Maite—and her employer. Her company’s empathetic response has shaped Maite’s own approach ever since, helping her support employees in a meaningful way as they confront challenging life events.

You’ll hear how to encourage an open and empathetic culture in an authentic way, how companies can demonstrate their commitment to wellbeing from the first interview, and why it’s important to experience therapy—before something traumatic happens.

About the guest

Maite Otero is Chief of Staff at Superlist—and host of the Mental Health at Work podcast. With a background in psychology, she’s brought her well-rounded understanding of employee wellbeing to people roles across startups & scaleups, including Typeform, Relive—and gaming giant, King.

About Oliva

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