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"I used to think burnout was bullshit. Then my CEO took me to hospital for anxiety"

feat. Tim Cakir, CEO at TaskDrive

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As a fresh arrival on the Barcelona startup scene, Tim Cakir felt energised by his new role as Head of Marketing. But the pressure of hustle culture would lead to his first panic attack—and his boss rushing him to hospital.

Created as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, exploring Oliva users’ most common wellbeing focus: anxiety.

About the guest

Tim Cakir is CEO at TaskDrive, a company specialising in qualified sales leads. He’s gained experience across a range of startups, and now hosts masterclasses & workshops on growth, leadership, and beyond to empower others.

About Oliva

Oliva is the UK & Europe's #1 rated employee mental wellbeing benefit.

We help companies respond to the pivotal moments that impact mental wellbeing at work and beyond—driving employee retention and exceptional effort.

We do this by:

  • Empowering individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing
  • Developing manager emotional intelligence
  • Helping HR teams create org-wide psychological safety