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Fighting your inner imposter—for you, and your team

feat. Lauren Gomes, Head of People Experience at Learnerbly

In this episode...

Lauren and Maite explore how to address the reasons that someone might not believe in themselves. Imposter syndrome, fear of failure, lack of self-esteem, striving to achieve—and even vitamin deficiency—are all up for discussion.

Find out how judgement-free zones and the right professional allowed Lauren to open up and move past her fears, and how these stemmed from a previous experience that challenged her self-worth. It came with a bigger investment in herself than she initially expected.

You’ll also learn why leaders in teams benefit from being accepting, open to criticism, and rigorously honest with feedback. Lauren explains how she puts this into practice at Learnerbly—and why focusing on mental health is so important for a company switching to fully remote working.

About the guest

Lauren Gomes is the Head of People at Learnerbly, having previously worked in People departments at high-growth companies like ASOS and She strongly believes that leadership teams should embody their beliefs.

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