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Owning trauma—one memory at a time

feat. Tamara Quintela, People & Experience Specialist at Toqio

In this episode...

Tamara couldn’t remember her childhood. While others chatted about their pasts, she always drew a blank. An inevitable Google search about her missing memories confirmed her suspicion that something probably wasn’t right.

Tamara started therapy. And so began the complex and liberating process of uncovering her memories—and coming to terms with them. It was time to be herself.

You’ll hear how therapy helped Tamara unpick the traumatic memories of her childhood, and how she now encourages her team to be open about their experiences and seek support.

Quick note for listeners: this episode briefly mentions situations involving domestic abuse.

About the guest

As a People & Experience Specialist at Toqio, Tamara Quintela uses her mental health experiences to help others open up and get the right support.

Previously, Tamara managed teams at grand hotels—until it meant she had no time to see her dog anymore. She discovered the startup world and never looked back.

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