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Rebuilding company trust & handling pregnancy loss at work

feat. Isabelle O’Keeffe, Workplace Manager at Free Now

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Ride-hailing company Free Now operates in a competitive space. The company was already planning a major restructure when the pandemic brought even more serious challenges. Their biggest ever layoff—followed by Covid lockdowns—led to high levels of anxiety and stress for everyone at the company.

Learn how the leadership team at Free Now regained the trust of their employees in the wake of an extremely difficult period. Isabelle shares how employee concerns around diversity and mental health sparked the creation of employee-led communities within the organisation, including a thriving self-care community.

You’ll also hear an intimate personal story about how Isabelle dealt with her feelings after she experienced the loss of her baby, both inside and outside of work. To help her process everything, she built a strong support network around herself—and realised the power of people sharing their common experiences. Isabelle discusses the benefits of having proper policies in place to help mothers through this situation.

About the guest

Isabelle has a wealth of experience in workplace management, team coordination, and communications. She’s lived in Barcelona for 15 years and currently works at Free Now, where she led the creation of their first ever office in the city centre— occasional DIY included.

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