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Managers have feelings too

feat. Bridie Slater, Head of Talent Acquisition at Oliva

In this episode...

Having worked in both the corporate and start-up worlds, Bridie understood the mental health challenges her team faced. But she didn’t show herself the same understanding.

As she helped her remote colleagues cope through the pandemic, she piled pressure on herself. Until one day, Bridie found herself literally paralysed with anxiety, unable to get home while walking her dog.

Starting a new job after a few months out, she was determined to not make the same mistake of neglecting her own needs again.

You’ll hear about the challenges of setting boundaries while working remotely, and how leaders sharing their own mental health battles can be a catalyst for change—both for their team, and themselves.

About the guest

Bridie Slater is a bonafide recruitment veteran. After cutting her teeth at big corporates, she climbed the ranks to management in her previous job at a startup. She now heads up Talent Acquisition here at Oliva.

About Oliva

Oliva is the UK & Europe's #1 rated employee mental wellbeing benefit.

We help companies respond to the pivotal moments that impact mental wellbeing at work and beyond—driving employee retention and exceptional effort.

We do this by:

  • Empowering individuals to take control of their mental wellbeing
  • Developing manager emotional intelligence
  • Helping HR teams create org-wide psychological safety