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Striving for emotional presence—as a leader, and as a man

feat. Fred Destin, Founder of Stride.VC

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For years, startup culture has glamorised the grind, with mental health only considered after employees have already reached burnout. Fred Destin understands this better than most.

After a sudden realisation in his 40s, Fred Destin, Founder of Stride.VC, knew he didn’t want to lead a life unlived. He tried CBT, psychedelics—and even staged his own funeral—to get comfortable with the past and forge stronger relationships in the present.

You’ll hear how Fred is helping other men to face the discomfort of their own pasts & emotions, why being more present means the world feels more wonderful, and why empathy and communication aren’t just soft skills for managers—they’re essential.

About the guest

As Founder of Stride.VC, Fred Destin is comfortable thriving on chaos. He was the lead investor and board member for companies such as Cazoo, Zoopla, Deliveroo, Pillpack, Integral Ads, Secret Escapes, and more. He’s there to ensure every meeting is a whiteboard meeting.

About Oliva

Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing partner for companies that want to take decisive action to support & keep their best people.

By indexing & specialising in the top wellbeing challenges your people face—specific to your industry and your business—we help employees & managers respond to tough situations, foster sustainable company cultures, and ultimately slow staff turnover.