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Juggling Customer Success with parental challenges

feat. Angela Guedes, Head of Customer Success at Claap

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When the pandemic hit, Angela found herself cooped up in a house with her partner and young children—all while leading a customer success team. It felt relentless. A natural introvert, Angela needs time alone to recharge. 

Although she’d struggled opening up to her close family and friends, therapy was different. It gave her a neutral place to offload and process her emotions, free from repercussions. Paired with the growing empathy between teammates and customers during lockdown, she was able to find more balance. Even amongst moody toddlers.

You’ll hear how flexible working has helped Angela juggle her roles as a parent and as a leader at work more manageable, and how at the end of the day, it’s people to people—not B2B.

About the guest

Currently Head of Customer Success at Claap, Angela has years of industry experience in leading roles at Typeform and Belvo. When not working, you can find her listening to classical music on the beach.

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