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Embracing disabilities at work

feat. Jane Hatton, Founder and CEO at Evenbreak

In this episode...

Jane Hatton never expected to become disabled herself.

Despite championing diversity in the workplace throughout her career, learning to live with her disability was a mental challenge as much as physical. After a period of deep depression, realising that Jane’s disability didn’t change who she was helped her heal. The experience prompted her to start Evenbreak, a job board exclusively created for—and by—disabled people.

Jane found that many companies want to employ a diverse workforce, but still struggle to attract applications. Other companies get stuck on the potential challenges of hiring disabled candidates, instead of considering their unique strengths. Whatever the barrier, Jane has the solutions.

You’ll hear about the journey behind Evenbreak, why and how you should be employing disabled candidates, and concrete advice for creating a workplace that’s psychologically safe for disabled people.

About the guest

After spending many years consulting on diversity & equality in the workplace long before it was trendy, Jane Hatton founded Evenbreak—the UK's only job site run by and for disabled people—in 2011 after becoming disabled herself.

She has led the company as CEO for over 11 years.

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