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Inspiring openness through honest conversation

feat. Ariel Camus, Founder & CEO of Microverse

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Inspired by an international upbringing and his parents’ hard work to give him a better life, Ariel founded Microverse: an online learning platform teaching people all over the world how to code.

Approaching mental health at work has been a challenge. As someone with a naturally upbeat outlook, he sometimes has to pause and consider how another person might feel in the same situation. His proactiveness has made a difference, inspiring others to be more open about their mental health in return.

You’ll hear about the policies and software in place at Microverse to help staff protect their mental health, and how Ariel was impacted by the death of a Microverse student.

About the guest

As Founder and CEO of Microverse, Ariel Camus knows all about supporting international teamwork—and the challenges and rewards it brings. He now lives in San Francisco. Given his globetrotting tendencies, he probably won’t be there for long.

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Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing partner for companies that want to take decisive action to support & keep their best people.

By indexing & specialising in the top wellbeing challenges your people face—specific to your industry and your business—we help employees & managers respond to tough situations, foster sustainable company cultures, and ultimately slow staff turnover.