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Finding happiness as a CEO & staying close to your team

feat. Christophe Pasquier, Co-founder & CEO of Slite

In this episode...

In the 5 years since Christophe founded Slite, the company's gone from strength to strength. On one hand, Christophe knows that the company’s achievements are worth celebrating. On the other hand, his position as CEO makes it hard to stop and take in the success.

You’ll hear how Christophe has handled becoming a father and running a start-up during the pandemic. Christophe realises remote work comes with serious challenges—integrating new hires into the culture at Slite hasn’t always been smooth. Discover how motivation workshops, a thorough hiring process, and coaches for managers can help with this problem.

You’ll also learn why candid 1-to-1’s over coffee between all levels of the company are crucial to accountability and success in asynchronous teams.

About the guest

Christophe is a French entrepreneur who co-founded two start-ups before Slite, which has now been thriving for over 5 years. He’s a committed believer in remote organisations—Slite is built for fully remote teams, by a fully remote team. He recently became a father.

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