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Redefining work—as a workaholic

feat. Claudia Ceke, Head of People and Culture at Tailify

In this episode...

Claudia’s parents were workaholics, so pushing herself to breaking point felt like the norm. She was used to putting long hours in at work, while in her personal life she bounced from one toxic relationship to another.

But when she met her caring new partner, something changed. Anxiety took over. And it would take an explosive breakdown to stop resisting. For the first time, she embraced her feelings—and finally gave herself the space to heal.

You’ll hear how Claudia took ownership of her wellbeing, and why you don’t always need an answer for someone who’s struggling—you just need to make space for them.

About the guest

Claudia Ceke is not Head of People & Culture at Tailify. It might be her job title, but she won’t let it define who she is—and how she values herself.

After learning ways to manage her own mental health, Claudia trained as a mental health first aider, and is now a passionate advocate for mental health in her own team.

About Oliva

Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing platform for companies who want to properly care for their people, and help them grow.

By combining proper therapy courses, coaching (the good kind), dedicated support for managers, and mental fitness classes—all led by a curated team of top professionals—Oliva helps employees respond to whatever hurdles life throws at them: big or small, at work and beyond.