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Telling your team you do therapy—and psychedelics

feat. Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer at Gympass

In this episode...

Ryan had always wanted to be a CMO. But when the opportunity arrived, he felt empty. Sure, the job was great—but with nothing left to strive for, he found himself sinking into a depression.

After years of seeking external validation, he explored both traditional and innovative therapies to build his self-esteem—and began experimenting with ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms at specialist clinics, alongside talking therapy.

You’ll hear how Ryan is processing his childhood trauma, how a pioneering treatment transformed his mental health, and how his openness has encouraged a proactive approach to wellbeing among his team.

About the guest

Ryan Bonnici knew he wanted to be a CMO decades before most of us knew what a CMO was. Having held roles at HubSpot, G2, Salesforce, and Microsoft, he’s now leading all things marketing at Gympass.

While the rest of us were still working out how to use Zoom, in 2020 Ryan was named on Forbes’ list of the World's Most Influential CMOs.

About Oliva

Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing partner for companies that want to take decisive action to support & keep their best people.

By indexing & specialising in the top wellbeing challenges your people face—specific to your industry and your business—we help employees & managers respond to tough situations, foster sustainable company cultures, and ultimately slow staff turnover.