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How & why recruiters should put candidate mental wellbeing first

feat. Laura Holcombe, Senior Talent Partner at Faculty

In this episode...

Laura spent her early career hopping from temp job to temp job. Screaming customers and blunt, spontaneous feedback from bosses were the norm. When her performance dipped, no one asked if she was okay—they just called her lazy.

The experience had a lasting impact, contributing to her anxiety & depression at the time—and the belief that she just wasn’t enough. So when Laura fell into recruitment, she was determined to treat people differently. Whether they were a teammate, or a candidate.

You’ll hear how recruiters can create a psychologically safe interview process, how she’s managed her own experiences of imposter syndrome, and why The Wolf of Wall Street should never be used as a template for workplace culture.

About the guest

As a Senior Talent Partner at Faculty, Laura Holcombe is determined to deliver a recruitment process that treats people like people, not just a number.

She has experience in fintech, martech, SaaS, and environmental projects—and a side hustle reviewing CVs. She also has some serious emoji game.

About Oliva

Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing partner for companies that want to take decisive action to support & keep their best people.

By indexing & specialising in the top wellbeing challenges your people face—specific to your industry and your business—we help employees & managers respond to tough situations, foster sustainable company cultures, and ultimately slow staff turnover.