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Spotting burnout & making personal learnings company-wide

feat. Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor

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Will Beaton comes from a family of self-identifying stoic northerners. Opening up about his emotions and mental health didn’t come naturally to him. But as a highly trusted young employee at a startup, he began to feel the weight of the business on his shoulders. You’ll hear how over time, this combination led to burnout.

He talks about how a manager identified his symptoms, and showed him that it was ok to open up about his feelings at work. Since then, Will’s attitude towards his mental health, his working life, and his relationships with colleagues has changed significantly.

As Will became Head of People at MyTutor, he carried many of these lessons with him. In the second part of the episode, he reels off a huge list of actionable things we can do to be proactive about mental health at work. Get your pen and paper ready.

About the guest

Will Beaton is Head of People at MyTutor.

Having previously worked in a variety of roles at the company since 2016, he believes in an open approach towards mental health at work where leadership truly leads by example.

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