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Learning to lead & live more consciously

feat. Godard Abel, Co-founder & CEO at G2

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For a long time, Godard assumed that unless he was falling asleep on his laptop, he wasn’t working hard enough. The stifling anxiety clouding his thoughts was just part of the grind. After all, wellbeing and meditation were complete bullshit.

So when he joined the Young Presidents’ Organization, he was surprised to find that other leaders—even those he perceived as far more successful—were going through the same thing. It was here he first experienced coaching in conscious leadership. The results were transformative.

You’ll hear how meditation shifted Godard’s perspective as a leader, why everything we do is a choice, and why becoming a parent is like launching a second startup.

About the guest

Godard Abel is CEO & Co-founder of G2, the B2B software review platform used by 100% of Fortune 500 companies. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s been building tech-based businesses since the dot-com boom.

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