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Creating a safe space for mental health

feat. Hannah Francis, Head of Engagement at Revolut

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Creating a safe space for mental health

In this episode...

Hannah discusses the importance of slowing down sometimes at a fast moving company. That means developing the self awareness to recognise the mental and physical symptoms of stress when they kick in. It doesn’t come overnight—Hannah explains her journey towards it.

Hannah also explains how she has helped to launch a successful “mental health first-aider” program at Revolut to create a safe space for mental health conversations, among other initiatives.

Learn how Revolut is addressing the effects of workload in the pandemic, as the company employs more part and full time remote team members.

About the guest

Hannah is Head of Engagement & Executive Assistance at Revolut.

She takes care of executive assistance, culture, internal communication, people development, and diversity & inclusion. It sounds like a lot, but she assures us it’s all connected. She’s been working to improve company cultures since 2019.

About Oliva

Oliva is proper mental health support for the whole team.

Combining a curated team of highly-qualified mental health professionals, personalised therapist matching by real humans, dedicated training & support for managers, and a hassle-free digital experience, Oliva gets employees the right support for them—whenever they need it.