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Getting a late autism diagnosis—as a CEO

feat. Peter Mann, Founder & CEO at Oransi

In this episode...

During the pandemic, Peter’s wife was watching the news. It was a report about autistic people in the US, looking at their ability to spot patterns and hyperfocus. She called for Peter to come and watch.

For the first time, Peter was listening to people who saw the world just like he did. It kicked off his own search for a diagnosis—but he soon found that the tests were geared towards children, not adults. As a CEO & successful entrepreneur, it got him thinking: how many other working people were going through the same thing?

You’ll hear about Peter’s experience of a late autism diagnosis, how it’s helped his work stand out, and how greater workplace equity helps everyone—not just neurodivergent people.

About the guest

After spending years in the US Navy and as a senior manager at Dell, Peter founded Oransi—a company specialising in air purifying products—in response to his son’s asthma. 

Diagnosed with autism during the pandemic, he has become a vocal advocate for inclusive hiring and workplace policies.

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