We believe mental healthcare should be meaningful, accessible, and stigma-free

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We’ve all been through the struggle

Oliva was founded by people who needed mental health support at some point, but had a hard time actually getting it.

Whether it’s burnout, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression—between us, we’ve battled them all. So we know first-hand that support from the right mental health professional makes a massive difference.

But finding this support can be a real challenge. And paying for it can be an even bigger challenge. Add the lingering stigma attached to mental health, and you’re left with a lot of people who either don’t—or can’t—get the support they need.

We want to help change that.

We’re not reinventing mental healthcare

The rise of online mental healthcare has been accompanied by a wave of pseudo-scientific practices and half-baked, unproven solutions. We’re not one of them.

Our team of mental health professionals is hand-picked by our highly-experienced Chief Clinical Officer. We have our own clinically-backed, 100% evidence-based care model. And instead of providing a one-size-fits-all service, we tailor our care to the individual needs of each employee.

Landscape photo of Oliva's founders Javi and Sancar, and Clinical Office Dr. Sarah Bateau

We help companies do mental health properly

People’s minds are an organisation’s most important asset, but supporting them without expert help is a complicated task. A lot of employers talk about employee mental health these days. We work with those who really want to do something about it.

Oliva is employer-funded for two reasons:


To make quality mental health support accessible to any employee


To make it simple for employers to truly take care of their people’s mental health

The reality is that poor mental health costs employers far more than investing in a service like Oliva. Instead of simply helping HR tick a box, we help organisations make a real impact on their their performance and their people's lives.

Oliva is led by...

Portrait photograph of Javi, CEO and founder of Oliva

"In this day and age, it’s unbelievable that mental health is still so neglected. It seems obvious that support should be easier to get."

Javier SuarezCEO & Cofounder

Javier Suarez

CEO & Cofounder

Previously leading innovation at Booking.com, Javi decided to take on the travel industry by founding the business travel startup TravelPerk. Over five years, he scaled the company from three people in a single room to 300+ employees with thousands of organisations as customers. His proudest achievement is somehow managing to build a family at the same time.

But eventually, the stress and pressure that came with this success story forced Javi to confront his mental health. After spending years struggling to understand what was happening to him and looking for a quick fix, he finally found the right therapist who helped him understand that mental health is a never-ending commitment. It changed his life.

Javi started Oliva to help people avoid the pain that he went through to find the right support.

Portrait photo of Dr. Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Oliva

"There's a theme in my career: I see an aspect of mental healthcare that's not working well, so I do something about it."

Dr. Sarah BateupChief Clinical Officer

Dr. Sarah Bateup

Chief Clinical Officer

Named as one of BioBeat's top 50 female leaders in UK healthcare business, Sarah is a highly-experienced mental health professional with an entrepreneur's mindset.

After being inspired by working with children from traumatic backgrounds when she was 18, Sarah put her acting dreams aside to pursue a career in mental health. A couple of decades later, she hired hundreds of therapists to help build one of the first digital CBT services in the UK—scaling it from treating small numbers of people to 100,000 and beyond.

Sarah watched uncomfortably as a new wave of mental health startups offered care she knew could be better. She joined Oliva to help set a new standard for workplace mental healthcare.

Portrait photograph of Sancar Sahin, CMO and founder of Oliva

“Brands have the power—and the responsibility—to really shift people’s perspectives. Our goal is to smash the stigma around mental health.

Sançar ŞahinCMO & Cofounder

Sançar Şahin

CMO & Cofounder

Having led marketing teams at GetApp, Hotjar, and Typeform, Sançar has experienced all the highs and lows of hyper-growth tech companies. He built Typeform’s marketing team from scratch, and proudly watched team members go on to become directors and VPs at world-renowned companies. To this day, companies still ask him how they can convince a Typeform marketer to join them.

Sançar’s mental health moment came when he got unreasonably angry at an incorrect food delivery. This led him to try therapy, where he discovered he was experiencing burnout. After some soul-searching during lockdown, Sançar decided to co-found Oliva to give people an easier path to mental health support than he had.