About us

We’re making mental healthcare uncomplicated, accessible, and stigma-free

We know.
We’ve been there, too.

Oliva was founded by people who knew they'd benefit from therapy, but were put off by the experience.

Jargon-filled websites. Hidden pricing. Inexperienced therapists. We realised online therapy needed to evolve.

We believe in meaningful therapy. The talking, seeing, real-time kind.

Focused conversation with the right therapist is proven to achieve meaningful results. So that’s exactly what we offer, with as few distractions as possible.

No messenger therapy, no shortened sessions, and no hassle finding the therapist—that’s our job.

We want conversations around mental health to feel open and authentic

By highlighting real stories of people’s struggles and breakthroughs—as well as our own—we’re creating a space for people to talk about mental health authentically and free of judgement.

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We want to make mental healthcare better for everyone

Offering better online therapy is a small, but important first step towards our vision.
But in the future, we want Oliva to be a place where anyone can get the support they need—in whatever way works for them.

Focus on you