Mental healthcare your whole team can truly rely on

Oliva Step Care Model illustration

"Personalised and evidence-based aren’t just buzzwords for us—they’re built into The Oliva Model at every step."

Dr. Sarah BateupChief Clinical Officer at Oliva

Meet the Oliva Care Model


Comprehensive care


Tailored to individuals


Hand-picked team of professionals


Evidence-based with measurable results

A safety net for every scenario

Oliva’s care model is based on the industry-proven stepped care approach to cover a wide spectrum of mental health needs.

We know people are busy—so our goal is to give people the most effective care possible, at the level of intensity that matches where they’re at.

Digital drop-in sessions

One-hour video call with a trained mental health professional. For people who need quick advice or want to start exploring their mental health.

Flexible therapy courses

Regular sessions with a carefully selected therapist. For people who have something specific they'd like to work on over time.

Dedicated care navigators

Qualified mental health professionals who match employees with the right care and therapist. For each employee who starts a therapy course with Oliva.

Expert care matching by real people

When someone needs mental health support, they don’t have to go through the anxiety of guessing the type of therapist or care that’s right for them—that’s our job.

Each employee that needs therapy gets their own care navigator: a qualified professional who finds them the right care, and is always a message away to answer any questions they have.

Oliva matching diagram showing the relationship between managers, employees and Oliva's care navigator
Oliva hand illustration showing 98% match success rate

Here to help with life’s problems, work-related or not

Everyday stresses

Work stress & burnout
Parenting support
Sleep problems
Grief & loss
Cultural identity
Finding purpose
Breaking habits
Eating & weight issues
Quitting smoking
Being a carer

Mental health conditions

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar disorder (low mood only)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Personality disorders
Health anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Body dysmorphia
Sexual dysfunction
Non-substance related addictions

Curated, diverse team of mental health professionals

We’re not a mental healthcare marketplace.

Our highly-qualified professionals aren’t just hand-picked to represent a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and specialisms—they’re also part of a curated team led by our clinical supervisors, who give them regular in-house training and performance reviews.

We pick professionals who...

  • Are dedicated to continuous improvement through in-house training
  • Embrace scientific-practitioner principles
  • Have a proven track record of helping people achieve their goals via online therapy
Photograph of Oliva's CMO, Sancar Sahin and Dr. Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Oliva

Methods you can trust. Results you can measure.

Other mental health platforms rely on content and self-help solutions. We only offer professional-led methods based on evidence and the latest guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

And we remind employees to track how they feel before and after sessions, so they can track their progress based on established psychometric tools like the PHQ-9 and GAD-7.

Smiling photograph of Dr. Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Oliva

“Most people have no idea what kind of care will suit them—they just want to feel better. The Oliva Model combines existing data, scientific evidence, and clinical expertise to get people the most effective support for them.

Dr. Sarah BateupChief Clinical Officer at Oliva